Texas, USA

Bio: Hello all and welcome, welcome to a world of happiness through health and fitness! Before you read any further, please take some time to get to know me, a fellow muggle just trying to find her way in this fitspo-obssessed society just like you. The number one thing I want all of my readers to understand is that I am neither an expert in nutrition and dieting, nor am I a certified personal trainer. So, in respect to any needs you, the reader, might be seeking, it is my duty to ensure that there is a full understanding concerning my amateur passions and knowledge about health and fitness. I am NOT an expert, doctor or miracle worker. I am merely a girl trying to spread my passions and personal experiences for a healthy lifestyle to others around me. Enjoy! My name is Brenna O'Donnell and I am currently a senior at the greatest school in the state, Texas State University (EAT 'EM UP CATS!). I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Health and Wellness Promotions. Graduation in Dec. 2016 is my current priority and source of excitement.

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